By sarah, 20 October, 2006

Well it's taken awhile to go live but here we are and i will try and make an effort to keep u all posted about what's happening in the land of Liam.
Settled in well, and slowly but surely getting reacquainted with all my belongings. Can't believe how many boxes there are to go through.

Liam likes me to lye next to him when going to sleep at night, and he gets quite upset easily, which is to be expected settling in, he's had to endure so much change.

I plan to get him into a routine with playgroup etc, and taking him swimming.

He says 'new place Arncliffe' where Reuben lives, and i have had to teach him 'new place at Sutherland' which he has started saying.

anyway it's off to Arncliffe tonight til Sunday.