Mower Man

By sarah, 25 July, 2006

Liam got excited when the lawn mower men turned up today. He said 'mower', and then got his plastic lawn mower and walked around the house pushing it.
He has been playing with the wooden cheese block with a mouse on a string that Helen gave him. He came over to me to untangle it, and said 'mouse' to me as he knows that's what Reuben calls me, then said 'two mouse'-meaning the string one and me.
Another clever thing that happened was that we were in the car waiting for Reuben to do a job and i wouldn't unstrap Liam's seat so he said to me 'cuddle' assuming that i'd let him our for a cuddle. So i did and of course he jumped into the drivers seat and ignored me. When i asked him for a cuddle he said 'no'! and commenced getting stuck into the driving gears etc.