By sarah, 15 May, 2006

Today we went to Kelly Tarltons which is like an older version of the Sydney aquarium, though quite good. They had a Penguin section and had Sting Ray feeding and a Shark exhibition on. Liam saw a crab and said'spider'. He also says Sting Ray quite well.This afternoon he said that he wanted juice and then said 'cup' and proceeded to get it out of the cupboard for me. Later he said he wanted a bar-which is a muesli bar, he's getting really good at talking now.When he's had enough of something he says enough and wants his shoes off he puts his foot off and says take off. I'm, also surprised at how many animals and words he knows in books- for instance i'll point to a giraffe that i haven't said much and he'll say what it is.
The other day we were on the bus going into the city and we went past a vet where there used to beĀ  blow up dog-and mind u he had only seen it once before and he looked without my prompting and said 'all gone'..quite observant. When in the city he seems to remember where exactly to go too-he'll run over to the lift and press the button-the right one.