By sarah, 20 October, 2006
Well it's taken awhile to go live but here we are and i will try and make an effort to keep u all posted about what's happening in the land of Liam. Settled in well, and slowly but surely getting reacquainted with all my belongings. Can't believe how many boxes there are to go through.
By sarah, 30 July, 2006
Liam was sitting on Reuben's lap this afternoon and looking at images on the computer. He was looking at concrete mixers. He also saw a little picture of NZ and exclaimed 'Showers'!!..i assume he's seen the weather forecast one too many times predicting showers over NZ. Just wait till he gets to Sydney when he will be able to learn the word 'hot' and 'thunderstorms'!
By reuben, 28 July, 2006

Liam says the funniest things, here are some words he says and the real words:

  • Conksisser, a Concrete Mixer
  • Am-amps, an Ambulance
  • Stitch, a Switch (network)
  • KCC, instead of KFC
  • Plese, instead of Police
  • Woolah, instead of Roller
  • Bwokon, instead of Broken
  • Seegols, instead of circles


At least he says SIX the right way ;)

By sarah, 26 July, 2006

Liam looked at a picture of him and Marnie on the computer today. It was a picture of him feeding a kangaroo-and he said 'kangaroo' and also said 'windmill' and i thought i wonder what he meant, and realised that he had remembered that there was a windmill at the park. I thought the association to connect the two was clever seeing as it was awhile ago.
He also found abit abit of a car that belonged to a toy car at my parents place-and he said 'Marnies'.

By sarah, 25 July, 2006

Liam got excited when the lawn mower men turned up today. He said 'mower', and then got his plastic lawn mower and walked around the house pushing it.
He has been playing with the wooden cheese block with a mouse on a string that Helen gave him. He came over to me to untangle it, and said 'mouse' to me as he knows that's what Reuben calls me, then said 'two mouse'-meaning the string one and me.

By sarah, 1 July, 2006

Today we drove to Port Waikato. Reuben has wanted to go there for a while and we are trying to see as many places as we can before we move back. Liam saw cows and horses along the way and learnt about shell fish on the rocks at the beach. He helped at the checkout as usual on the way home at Pak n Save. He enjoys putting the food up on the conveyor belt for the check out chick. We also went to Westfield train yard on the way home where Liam learnt what ditch lights are on the diesel trains-another term he is familiar with.

By sarah, 29 June, 2006

Liam has been doing this thing where he gets behind me when i'm sitting down and licks my hair like the cat licking his fur-i'm guessing that's where he's picked it up from anyway. He does it to my ears too but sometimes bites so i put a stop to that.

By sarah, 17 June, 2006

Today we went to the new Sylvia Park outlet. It wasn't complete but still had a few shops to look at. We then went to  Manakau on the way home so Reuben could get a mouse for his computer.
Liam and Reuben also went into the fish aquarium on the way home. Liam knew exactly where we were when we got there-he said'there's the fish'!

By sarah, 15 May, 2006

Today we went to Kelly Tarltons which is like an older version of the Sydney aquarium, though quite good. They had a Penguin section and had Sting Ray feeding and a Shark exhibition on. Liam saw a crab and said'spider'. He also says Sting Ray quite well.This afternoon he said that he wanted juice and then said 'cup' and proceeded to get it out of the cupboard for me. Later he said he wanted a bar-which is a muesli bar, he's getting really good at talking now.When he's had enough of something he says enough and wants his shoes off he puts his foot off and says take off.

By sarah, 6 May, 2006

Today we went up Sky Tower and of course Liam loved it, even though when we were up there he'd look at other towers out the window and say 'there's a tower'. He always says this about the Sky Tower but i'm not sure he realised we were up there. He had a good time anyway, and the height didn't seem to bother him at all, he'd walk straight over the glass floors which i was abit hesitant to cross.
We bought a two dollar height chart for him which a picture of the tower on it for him, he's obsessed with it! He's saying 'there's the tower' constantly.