By sarah, 1 May, 2006

Liam and i went for a walk today-well i walked and pushed him. We went to the local park where Liam did his usual rounds on the swings etc.
At night Reuben got the playdough out for him and a knife and cutting board. He preceeded to cut it up into portions and then put it away tidely, he even handed me some. It kept him amused for awhile.
After i had gotten out of the shower Reuben told me that Liam had said 'love u Dad' in response to Reuben saying he loved him!...sure enough he did it again..but sadly didn't say 'Love U Mum'.

By sarah, 30 April, 2006

Today we went to the train yard and saw abit of action-not too much though. Got some pics and showed Liam some Diesels.

At night he was in the bath and was counting to three and jump diving into the bath! He was pretending to swim like a fish.

By sarah, 22 April, 2006

We went to Lone Star tonight for dinner and Liam although didn't each much was well behaved, he sat in the high chair and ate.
Yesterday we were in the city again and he was as familiar as always with the places we went-actually looked out for the fish tank in Smith and Caugheys and raced over to it. We also went to a park in the city and looked at a waterfall at the Aotea market place. As we were leaving the city he said 'bye bye' tower and waved.

By sarah, 20 April, 2006

Liam is funny to obserb when we are in the city..he seems to be fairly familiar with the surrounds there or at least some of the places. For example he led me over to the waterfall where the water was flowing down the side of a wall, he had seen it before so knew where it was.
Also when in the dvd section at the bookstore he dragged me to the kids ones-and handed me one-i think he was trying to hint something to me! He also saw a cement truck-one of his latest words..though he has a little trouble saying it

By sarah, 18 April, 2006

Today we went and visited Veronica at her new place in Glen Eden and went down her street to the park nearby-it's a good one-small but on a huge field-mostly well hidden.
Liam went on the swing of course with my pushing but once i was up the top of the slide talking to Veronica and could't push him so he got himself up into it and proceeded to strap himself in!
He likes the Hairy Mc Clary dvd as he enjoys animals so that's a fave at the moment, and his slippers look great and must feel great too.

By sarah, 13 April, 2006

Liam and i went to the Easter show today with a friend and her son. Liam loves animals and it really showed once we were there. He went for a ride on a pony first of all which cost four dollars-but he really loved it. Then in the baby animal nursery he got carried away with the sheep and spart from rounding them up by chasing them around and holding onto them he actually jumped on one to go for a ride-but it bucked him straight off!

By sarah, 13 April, 2006

Liam is pretty cluey. He quite often wants to finish my drinks-including beer out of the bottle. But of course we don't like to encourage him to drink alcohol. So tonight as i have other nights i will fill it with water but he knows the difference and winges til i give him 'my' beer. There aer other things we do to try and fool him but he knows when u are kidding and where u have hid something-he dosen't miss a thing.

By sarah, 12 April, 2006

He's nearly climbing out of his cot-won't be long now!-he got one leg over the edge so not far to go now..i think he's quite content in his cot actually, i don't think he'll stay long in a bed once in it without the walls to keep him locked in!

By sarah, 8 April, 2006

Liam and i went down to stay with Helen for a few days.There are a few swan plants outside Helen's house with heaps of caterpillars on them ad chrysalis'.Liam was fortunate to be able to pick up and 'play' with a few butterfly's and caterpillars -which he keenly talked to. He was very gently with them-well mostly apart from one which got a little squashed. We went to see the balloon show but we missed it, it was raining earlier that night so didn't look like it would be on at all.We got Liam this little light that lights up-like fibre optic.

By sarah, 5 April, 2006

Liam has quite an attachment to the kids little sinks at playcentre. Once he;s at the basin it's really hard to get him away. Today was no different and was met with a few big screams and a contortured body while i tried to drag him can be rather embarrassing!