By sarah, 5 December, 2005

I took Liam to the shops at St Lukes today in search of underwear for Reuben and a top for me to wear to the xmas party for play centre and Reuben's staff one. Well that was all fine and dandy but Liam took a liking to the escalator and once he'd ridden on it i couldn't pull him away from it! i thought maybe if i go up and down it a few times he'd be sick of it..but no of course not...he just became more difficult and put on a show when i tried to drag him away from it. He said 'no' and refused to walk.

By sarah, 4 December, 2005

Today we went back to Ambury Park to find the cache that we didn't have time for yesterday. It was abit tricky but we managed to find it. We also bumped into a couple of other geocachers looking for the same cache. We swapped some paint in it and took a mini hand Reuben has got Liam pushing it over him while lying on the lounge! has 4 wheels so it's just like a little car and as u can imagine Liam loves it..and so does Reuben!
We did 2 caches today but ran out of time to do the intended third.

By sarah, 3 December, 2005

Today we went to Ambury Park as the title suggests, and had a picnic lunch and a stroll around the area. There was a variety of various animals in the fields with gates linking each field to the other that u went through.Liam patted a sheep and lambs, a horse and would u believe a turkey!-he was very gentle and enjoyed patting a talking to them and chasing the chooks and lambs of course!

We have a few photos in the gallery of this occasion. We also went to do a cache but left the print out of it at home so will hopefully go back tomorrow to have another go at it!

By sarah, 2 December, 2005

Liam and i went to Westeran Springs today with Playcentre, it's a big park with walkways and heaps of ducks and bird life, and there's also a big play area in there with swimgs and kids climbing stuff. Liam enjoyed that and taking off all the time-he had me on my toes. He even looked to go for a dip in the man made lake at one stage!

By sarah, 1 December, 2005

Everyday Liam seems to be changing, if even in the slightest ways. He seems to be babbling alot more lately and using alot more recognisable expressions that we make.
Today he handed me his Thomas the Tank Engine dvd to put on but i put Love to Sing on instead and he grizzled, so i put the one he wanted on and he clapped and said 'yay'-mind u he does that alot these days!

He came up and gave my legs a good scratch too from observing me he had picked it up. Also when in the shower he gets the soap and tries to wash himself like we do!

By reuben, 30 November, 2005

Strawberries are big in season here at the moment, $3 per punnet or $5 for two. I bought four punnets on Tuesday, one for each night till we run out. They are _delicious_ so I'm pushing them so that we eat lots while they are in season. In a few weeks the prices will go up, and they'll be out of season for the year.

Liam is doing his share to help too. He ate nearly a WHOLE punnet of strawberries tonight. I cut the tops off them and some in half, and gave him heaps in a bowl with a teatowel. 10 mins later they were all gone, I had abour 4 to myself and he scoffed the rest!

By sarah, 27 November, 2005

Liam turned Two today. We spent the day in Hamilton at Helen's where we had a little cake for him and KFC for lunch. He enjoyed blowing the candles out.
He got some lovely presents. Acouple of jigsaw puzzles, a book, a hat, a top and shorts, a chain with keys on the end to wear around his neck, another book, and a dvd...oh and a bike from Mummy and Daddy which he got earlier on in the month..can't quite ride it yet but enjoys pushing it around all the same!

By sarah, 24 November, 2005

It;s funny watching Liam as he goes through the different stages of growing up. Today i observed while he pretend played with a little muppet doll-he was offering it some bread!..i guess it's the make believe stage, pretending to have a conversation on the phone is a similar scenario.

After pushing the bin around again today he decided to hide from me behind a bush so i played his game and pretended i couldn't see him then suddenly discover him..he found it hysterical. We kept playing this and he kept hiding in the same place while i called out his name looking for him.

By sarah, 23 November, 2005

Nothing out of the ordinary today but it was a lovely hot day at play centre. I had to remember to coat Liam in suncream as he's prone to get burnt with his red hair colouring, well he's not that pasty but still!

He enjoyed playing with the wooden digger in the sandpit-though he didn't wanna sit on it ,just sit next to it and pull the metal rods that operated the shovel on the end of it-i helped him out with the levers.

He likes playing with the small cars and making car noises, and anything with wheels gets the nod-esp the prams!

By sarah, 21 November, 2005

Liam walked all the way to the main shops today at Mt Albert!. There were no complaints or tiffs from him, i even offered to give him a rest at times but no he wanted none of that. He had to walk over every manhole and fire hydrant of course!
We walked to Video Ezy where he dropped the dvd's down the chute for me.