Liam on a Leash

Submitted by sarah on Sun, 20/11/2005 - 20:38

I took Liam for a walk tonight down to the shops to get hamburgers for dinner. I find that having a leash/harness thingo around him helps to keep him in line as he tends to walk all over the footpath as it is and threatens to go onto the road at times, another thing with him is that as he's becoming more independant he likes to walk on his own without holding your hand so this solves it, it allows him to have his own personal space to move-within reason!


Submitted by reuben on Sun, 20/11/2005 - 19:57

"Deeeeeeee doooooooooohhh" - kids are funny. I guess they say silly things like that before they learn how to really talk :)

Here's a cool pic of Liam that I just uploaded.

The birds egg

Submitted by sarah on Sun, 20/11/2005 - 15:33

Today Liam found a birds egg today. Well it was me actually but he wanted it. So i said to him to hold it gently and gave the wee thing to him and he of course squeezed it and the yoke went splat onto the ground!..he thought it was hilarious of course!

The new garbage man

Submitted by sarah on Sat, 19/11/2005 - 16:47

Liam got hold of our big green garbage bin today and pushed it around-he'd obviously been observing us. I couldn't drag him away from it-he'd found another set of wheels to push around!..he's actually quite good with his steering, we found that with his new push bike too-he can't quite reach the pedals to pedal effectively but he sure knows where he wants to go, once his legs are long enough to pedal there'll be no stopping him!


Submitted by sarah on Thu, 17/11/2005 - 17:12

Liam started saying this today, we were out and in the car with someone else, he copied her son saying it in exactly the same tone that i actually thought it was her son!..he still does it too, sounds funny.