The digger

Submitted by reuben on Tue, 24/01/2006 - 18:51

The gallery is now fixed and working, I've put a hacked up module in there so that it works for now until a proper update is released.

But at least now everything works again.

back home

Submitted by reuben on Sun, 22/01/2006 - 20:16

One of Liam's recent interests and words is "digger!". It's a bit like "star" - anywhere he sees a digger or anything that looks like a digger he shouts out "digger!". Very cute.

So I took him off to Mt. Roskill to see the new highway that is being built. The workers are still levelling the path and slicing through the soil, so I knew there would be diggers and all sorts of machines around. Even on Saturday afternoon we got to have a good look.

Gallery temporary offline

Submitted by sarah on Tue, 17/01/2006 - 13:20

i have been abit slack with the blog entries since being away-mainly cos i didn't have access to my own computer and since being back haven't gotten into the swing of things again.

Liam really developed with his talking whilst being in Sydney, mainly because he had alot more stimulation and exposure to adults talking to him all the time. He says a few more words now that i mentioned in the last blog.
He said another one the other day while we were out-digger-when he saw a digger, and stick.

como park

Submitted by reuben on Thu, 12/01/2006 - 21:14

The gallery2 module is hosed for some reason, probably due to a couple of updates I ran earlier, so for now the gallery is temporarily offline. The gallery and drupal trees have both had fairly substantial updates today.

Hopefully it's only temporary and will be back to working soon. If not I'll dig out some old backups..

liam in general

Submitted by sarah on Wed, 04/01/2006 - 21:13

today we went to como park for a bbq lunch. it's a lovely park near the water down at como and has a swimming pool and a lovely new play area for the kids and new bbq facilities too.
we went and had coffee afterwards near the water at a cafe and i then tool liam for a walk along the wharf and we looked at jellyfish in the water.

this evening i took him for another walk after dinner-he's a great walker...he's also been saying more words since being here around everyone-he waved to heaps of strangers on our walk and said bye.

Arrival into Sydney

Submitted by sarah on Fri, 30/12/2005 - 12:53

well it's been quite a while since my last blog entry..but we've been busy of course.
went got back from the farm with my parents and Reuben the other day. Liam enjoyed driving the tractor on Daddy's lap! and the car for that matter on Pa's lap.

love to sing..and dance!

Submitted by reuben on Thu, 15/12/2005 - 15:08

We flew in at about 10:30am local Sydney time today, a pretty uneventful flight. Liam did make me laugh though as we were taking off going up through the clouds, it got a bit bumpy. Mum was giving me dirty looks about the plane being knocked about, meanwhile Liam thought it was funny and a couple of times after a bump shouted out "Yaaaayyy" and started clapping. What a contrast..

Liam was very interested in the airport and loved looking out the window when we were taking off and landing. All those wheels and machines!

Playing with others

Submitted by sarah on Wed, 07/12/2005 - 14:04

Today i had an appointment so Justine from Play centre minded him for me. She said he was such a delight. He played with other kids there more than he usually does and did a painting and even ate someone elses lunch as well as his own! She said he was also talking alot to her daughter Felicity in his own babble while she talked to him, it's nice that he's starting to play more with others, i guess it's all part of growing up.

Plunket Party

Submitted by sarah on Tue, 06/12/2005 - 14:08

Today as the plunket organiser i set up a xmas party for the Mums and kids there. There was heaps of food-in fact too much-i got it the night before.
Liam walked around often with two tim tams in each hand -as u can imagine his hands were covered in chocolate. You'd think i didn't feed him as he was getting into the tucker!